Want to maximise your field sales

teams performance?

Managing a field sales team is costly. Between salaries, petrol, expenses and admin costs, you need to ensure your team is hitting target to cover costs and generate a sizeable return. Records of sales meetings, on paper, in emails or CRM’s takes time and results in data you can’t use to influence team performance.

Real time updates is the only way to keep your field sales team on target.

Empower Your Sales Team

i-snapshot is the solution: A powerful sales management system, designed to make your job easier. i-snapshot is used by sales leaders in Nestlé, Euro Car Parts, Jewson, Makita, and hundreds of other brands, to improve performance, make your teams life better and put more sales on the board.

On average, clients achieve a minimum 21% increase in sales team productivity. 

i-snapshot provides an easy way to record sales meetings and calls. Enter activity in the field in under a minute, on any device with our sales performance app. Teams prefer i-snapshot, with 95%+ using it daily, compared to CRM’s, which typically only have 50% user uptake amongst sales teams.

Ensure Your Sales Team Spends More Time Selling

As sales professionals we need to get our heads around VUCA — the model that came out of the military but is being applied more and more by businesses.

We are selling in situations that are often VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX or AMBIGUOUS — sometimes all four (that’s’ VUCA). Read More.

Getting a clear picture of the sales opportunities isn’t easy. Deals only happen when the right product is pitched at the right price to the correct decision maker at the optimum time.

With i-snapshot, this all becomes clearer, without spending hours doing admin or working with an analyst. Managing your sales team takes minimal effort, with all the information you need in only a few clicks.

Increase Sales Performance: Right Place, Time, Product & People

“With i-snapshot, we could see right away that each salesperson was completing around 4 calls per day.

This was way below the levels we expected. Within weeks, the average number hit 8 - a 100% increase, with most BDM’s taking more meetings as a result.”

Bidvest Foodservice

“With a CRM, we found the process to update systems far too time-consuming. It could take a salesperson up to 30 minutes to enter each call and sometimes there was further administration to complete at the end of each week. Therefore, we were losing around 5-7 hours per week, per person.”


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